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Make Me Laugh, Make Me Dance but Please Don’t Make Me Cringe

This morning I inexplicably had a Sinatra tune (well, technically not a Sinatra tune, he recorded 10 years after it was written by someone else and had been performed by others)  running through my head, Fly Me to the Moon. I don't recall hearing the tune anytime in the last decade but there it was stuck in my head. So, I did what anyone does these days, I googled it. Sure enough, I was rewarded with multiple versions by Sinatra and others. I opted for the classic and happily sang and snapped along to the user created video (photos of Sinatra with the song lyrics overlaid). I was so delighted, I listened to it three times.

As I listened I thought of how the Rat Pack remains quintessentially cool. With so much entertainment and content available to us, why do these classics continue to resonate? How much of what we see today will be reviewed and enjoyed years from now.

For me, I believe it is the simplicity of the message. Fly Me to the Moon is a song about love. We can all relate to love and the snappy tune evokes the good feelings of loving someone. That euphoric stage that makes you want to write sappy poetry and tap dance in your kitchen. Today's advertisers should take note.

So much of our current media and content tries to be edgy or clever and more often than not leaves us scratching our heads in wonder.  The resulting message ends up showcasing stupidity or fear. We are more than that. I would love to see us return to a time where we worked hard to create content and entertainment that inspires, educates and yes, makes us snap our fingers and sing along.

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