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ARMANDO ROBBERY! « Detroit Sports Nation – Blog

As a sports fan and Michigan resident I am no stranger to bad calls. Every team in every sport has had them and when they happen in games that really matter – final seconds of a playoff, last play in OT or in this case in a game that would have been perfect – well, it is heart wrenching.

Poor Jim Joyce. Here is a man who had quietly built a solid career for years. There were no scandals, no protests calling for his firing. He made a mistake, a big one and now his career is being measured by one fault. How many have had years of hard work erased by a single error, a bad call? How many have quietly built a career of proven successes only to receive the spotlight when they blow it?

And how many can relate to Armando a player who worked hard, stepped to the plate and pitched a perfect game only to lose his rightful recognition because of the call of someone in authority?

We all have the potential to be the umpire or the player. We can allow one call to change our destiny or we can like Jim, admit our mistake and get back in the game, and like Armando dust it off and step up to the plate persevering to repeat our success.

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